Bifurcation of Andhra Pradesh: Ghanta Chakrapani's interview with Dr. Kathi Padma Rao

1.Why are you demanding Separate Andhra, when Samaikyandhra (unitedA ndhra) and Telangana movements are going ahead in full steam? Can you please elaborate your position?
Way back in 1998, when Dalit Mahasabha’s Executive Committee meeting  took place, all of us felt that the formation of Telangana is imperative but also that a separate Andhra has also become abhistorical necessity. Our reason was that the state administration in Coastal Andhra andRayalaseema had begun to move away from the Dalits. To a certain extent, Vijayawada was still functioning as an important nodal point (for the administration) when Karamchedu (1984) and Tsundur (1992) incidents took place (making it accessible to the Dalits there). Later, it became totally Hyderabad-centric. The question we asked ourselves was – should Hyderabad be our only point of access to the government?
2. Do you think that in ‘Samaikyandhra’ (current Andhra Pradesh), those districts that are far away from the capital city got neglected?

All the MPs from Coastal Andhra and Seema have begun to live and invest in Hyderabad, neglecting their own constituencies. They have destroyed Hyderabad in the name of industrial development. Before Nagarjuna Sagar was built, 80% of the agricultural land there was owned by the SCs, BCs and STs. As soon as irrigation prospects in that area improved with this project, all such land was bought off. For instance, in Karamchedu, two social groups obtained control over

18,000 acres of land, leaving a mere 140 acres to Dalits. The income from this fertile land was in turn invested in industries in Hyderabad.
3. Isn’t it the leaders from Coastal Andhra who are leading Samaikyandhra movement?

None of them can be called a leader. Not a single one can organize a meeting with 10,000 people. They all stay in Hyderabad. (Unlike them) We (Dalits) cannot come to Hyderabad nor loot it. Telangana has a head called Hyderabad. We don’t have one. 48 lakh acres of wet land and 38 lakh acres of dry land in Coastal Andhra get cultivated with the water that flows through your (Telangana) area. The farmers are scared that they will lose their livelihood if you stop this water. We also don’t have a capital city.

4. There is an allegation that the Samaikyandhra movement is ‘sponsored’ and that it is led by capitalists. How far is it true?

We don’t have a single MP from Coastal Andhra who owns less than 500 Cr. They are all capable of owning their own private airplanes. They might be running the show.

5. How do you see your role in filling the need for real leadership?
We (Dalits) are in a key position now. There have been three major movements in Andhra country till now. In all these, I have been in forefront. ‘I’ means Dalits. Before two separate states get carved, we need certain assurances from the Telangana people. They should not say ‘You Andhra people’. We are all Indians. We also need urbanization. Why couldn’t Vijayawada be turned into a Kanpur or Vizag into a mini Mumbai? One can see that it is because Hyderabad lands have been sold off that the Telangana movement came up. In fact, there should have been a movement in Coastal Andhra after the announcement of Coastal Corridor.

5. What is your social and political background? How did you become a rationalist?

I was born in a working class family. And got habituated to participating in social movements. My command over Telugu language was obtained through learning the Bible. My teachers admitted me into a Sanskrit College. There I came across Kondaviti Venkata Kavi who was a rationalist. That is why I always argue that rationalism is a must for any religion.

6. Why did you join the Sanskrit College even though you are born in a Dalit family?

My teachers admitted me there since I started writing songs from a very young age. Through songs and poetry I learnt Sanskrit without realizing that I was doing so. Ambedkar and Lohia also became leaders after learning Sanskrit. All the Shatdarshanas in Sanskrit advocate rationalism.

7. What are the circumstances which made you a full-fledged social activist?

It was the incidents of Karamchedu and Tsunduru. We took Tsunduru till the gates of Parliament, with 25,000 people. SC/ST Atrocities Act was formulated when 107 MPs moved a resolution. That is what gives me tremendous satisfaction even now. Now Dalits have attained a middle class status.

8. Do you consider your joining a film actor who is a new entrant into politics a historical blunder?

An activist has to enter (electoral) politics too. If you contest several times, you can popularise the concept of dalit bahujan unity. In future, we may need a party for separate Andhra. 

9. Do you always use your knowledge only to oppose Brahmins?
I don’t oppose Brahmins as such. Dalits don’t have social reformers like Kandukuri or Gurajada. I oppose Brahminism. Even among SCs there is Brahminism i.e., to oppress others after reaching the top. I oppose that too.

10. Is Katti Padmarao going to become the Chief Minister?
I did not enter politics aspiring for any particular post. My objective is to speak in the legislative assemblies. For that, becoming the CM is not important.

11. If a Dalit becomes the CM, will the lives of Dalits improve?
That is a political demand. If a Dalit becomes the CM, it becomes imperative for all doras to meet him. Do you know how many new laws Neelam Sanjivaiah brought? Why can’t a Dalit become the CM when 18% voters are Dalits?

12. Fraternal Dalits split into Malas and Maadigas?
If Telangana becomes a reality, this problem would disappear. Here, in Telangana, Maadigas are in the majority, while in Coastal Andhra Malas are numerically dominant. The problem won’t arise.

13. How is it that your passion, thinking and commitment are not seen in your children?

They too are committed. If I managed to write so many books till late into the night, its due to their cooperation. They are Ambekarites. 

14. What do the people of Coastal Andhra want?
Many are supporting Samaikyandhra due to several apprehensions. They need clear answers to certain questions - Will the new state be bound by Bachawath award on river waters? Will the Telangana doras let river water to flow towards the people in Coastal Andhra? There are 30 lakh middle class people from Andhra in Hyderabad. Only a hundred among them are exploiters. Every Telangana MP, including KCR has good connections with them. Telangana leaders say that these exploiters will be welcomed whole heartedly to invest here. Selfish people exist on both sides. KCR and Lagadapati are good friends. We want separate Andhra, irrespective of the formation of Telangana state.

15. Did Chiranjeevi ever feel like agreeing to Telangana demand?
He does not have the opportunity to feel like that. His lifestyle is that of a Coastal Andhra person. We tried to teach him the concept of Saamajika Telangana. He went off to that side because he couldn’t understand the concept.

16. What is your message to the people of the state?.
Coastal area is rich in resources. We should split like brothers, form a new state and develop a new capital city. It will be to our beneficit. Now, it is no longer ethical to support a united state. It

is similar to supporting an ‘acid attack’ (on an unwilling love interest).

Source: This interview is a shortened version of the original televised interview conducted for ABN news channel. This Interview with Dr.Katti Padmarao by Ghanta Chakrapaani, was published in Andhra Jyothi News Paper on February 7th,2013

Untouchability still prevalent in Varanasi

Varanasi that is unknown to most of the world -- the rural and underdeveloped suburbs where the downtrodden people of the Dalit community reside. Most residents here give a startling revelation that they are even to this day subject to untouchability. Real picture of India is uncovered by NDTV. It is not important to purify Ganga. It is important to purify the minds of people who still follow untouchability.

Two minor Dalit girls gangraped, bodies found hanging from tree in UP

In a brutal incident in UP two teenage Dalit sisters were allegedly gang raped and murdered with their bodies found hanging from a tree in Katra village. 
The two girls, who were cousins and aged 14 and 15 years, went missing from their house last night and their bodies were found hanging from a mango tree in the village in Ushait area on wedness day morning.
As soon as the news spread, villagers gathered at the site and claimed that police had refused to register an FIR last night. They alleged that the girls were gang raped before they were hanged by the attackers.
Andhra Pradesh Dalita Mahasabha demands to arrest the accused within 24 hours. An inquiry should be conducted soon.

Modi Cabinet and RSS VHP Sivasena, ABVP Links.

Modi Cabinet and RSS VHP Sivasena, ABVP Links.

Narendra Modi,        Modi started as RSS pracharak. 

Rajnath Singh,          Rajnath Singh had been associated with the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh RSS since 1964, at the age of 13. He served as Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh and became the Minister of Agriculture in the NDA government in May 2003. 
Arun Jaitley,          Jaitley was an Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad (ABVP) student leader in the Delhi University Campus in the seventies and rose to be President of the University Students' Union in 1974.              
Sushma Swaraj,        Swaraj began her political career with Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad in the 1970s.  Her father was a prominent RSS member. She joined the Janata Party movement and campaigned against The Emergency.      
Nitin Gadkari,           Gadkari, who hails from Nagpur - the headquarters of RSS – began his political career with the ABVP. During his teens, he worked for the Bharatiya Janata Yuva Morcha and the student union ABVP.

Venkaiah Naidu,       Naidu having been associated with the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh from his childhood, he started his career in politics as a student leader of the Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad (ABVP) in the year 1973-74 

Sadananda gowda,    He began his political career as a member of the Jan Sangh. He became active in student politics and subsequently, he became the District General Secretary of the ABVP  

Gopinath Munde,      His political career began with the ABVP in his college days and was later initiated into the RSS by the late Pramod Mahajan. The turning point of his career was, however, the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh's Shiksha Varga (Training Camp) held in Pune.

 Kalraj Mishra,          Youth Front of BJP is Bharatiya Janata Yuva Morcha. It was founded in 1978 and first national president was Kalraj Mishra. BJYM also maintains close relation with Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS), which has millions of affiliates. It also maintains close links to other Sangh Parivar organisations, such as Vishwa Hindu Parishad
Ananth Kumar,         Having been influenced by Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh, he was a member of Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad, the students wing of the BJP. He was elected as the State Secretary of the ABVP and later, became its National Secretary in 1985.

 Ravi Shankar Prasad, father Thakur Prasad was one of the founders of the Jan Sangh, which is now the BJP. He was associated with RSS & Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad for many years and held various posts in the organisations.

Ananth Geete,       The real face of Siva Sena in Modi cabinet. Geete, is close to the Thackeray family. Usually a low profile leader within the party, Geete was first elected to Parliament in 1996 from Ratnagiri in Konkan, a region that helped Sena win power for the first time in the state. 

Narendra Singh Tomar, Tomar, who is known for his connect with the rank and file of the party, shares a good rapport with the RSS leadership. 

Uma Bharti,   With the support of Viyayaraje Scindia, Bharti became involved with the Madhya Pradesh state BJP while still in her twenties. She rose to national prominence when she became one of the major faces of the Ramjanmabhoomi movement alongside L. K. Advani.

Radha Mohan Singh,   Singh (64) started his career from Motihari in Bihar as an ABVP Nagar Pramukh way back in 1967. An RSS Swayamsevak since childhood, he has actively worked in party.

Harsh Vardhan,        RSS worker from childhood. Doctor in Delhi.

Non RSS group in Modi cabinet come from its allies. And Non Hindutva Group in Cabinet are Dalit, Tribal and Minorities.
Maneka Gandhi,(representative of Gandhi family) Jual Oram, (Tribal Background), Thavarchand Gehlot (Dalit Leader in BJP), Smriti Irani (Modren BJP), Najma Heptullah (Muslim face in BJP),
NDA - Ram Vilas Paswan (LJP), Ashok Gadpati Raju, (TDP), Harsimrat Kaur, (Akalidal)



Out of 87 SC reserved seats in Lok Sabha BJP won 40
and its allies (TDP+Siva Sena+LJP) has won 9.
The total SC's in NDA (LS) are 49.
Representation of SCs in the council of ministers 3 (2 cabinet+ 1 MOS)
which comes to 7 %.
Who ever may be in the Government Dalits need to fight for their representation...

BSP in Uttar Pradesh

BSP in Uttar Pradesh
Constituency                     Votes                                    Place
Agra                                    283453                                  II
Akbarpur                             202587                                  II
Aligarh                                227886                                  II
Allahabad                           162073                                  III
Ambedkar Nagar                 292675                                  II
Amethi                                57716                                    III
Amroha                               162983                                  III
Aonla                                    190200                                  II
Azamgarh                            266528                                  III
Badaun                                 156973                                  III
Baghpat                                141743                                  IV
Bahraich                               96904                                    III
Ballia                                    141684                                  IV
Banda                                    226278                                  II
Bansgaon                               228443                                  II
Barabanki                              167150                                  III
Bareilly                                 106049                                  III
Basti                                      283747                                  III
Bhadohi                                  245505                                  II
Bijnor                                    230124                                  III
Bulandshahr                           182476                                  II
Chandauli                               257379                                  II
Deoria                                     231114                                  II
Dhaurahra                               234682                                  II
Domariyaganj                         195257                                  II
Etah                                        137127                                  III
Etawah                                   192804                                  III
Faizabad                                 141827                                  III
Farrukhabad                           114521                                  III
Fatehpur                                  298788                                  II
Fatehpur Sikri                         253483                                  II
Firozabad                               118909                                  III
Gautam Buddha Nagar         198237                                   III
Ghaziabad                              173085                                  III
Ghazipur                                241645                                  III
Ghosi                                       233782                                  II
Gonda                                    116178                                  III
Gorakhpur                             176412                                  III
Hamirpur                               176356                                  III
Hardoi                                     279158                                  II
Hathras                                    217891                                  II
Jalaun                                       261429                                  II
Jaunpur                                    220839                                  II
Jhansi                                      213792                                  III
Kairana                                   160414                                  III
Kaiserganj                               146726                                  III
Kannauj                                   127785                                  III
Kanpur                                    53218                                    III
Kaushambi                              201196                                  III
Kheri                                        288304                                  II
Kushi Nagar                            132881                                  III
Lalganj                                    233971                                  III
Lucknow                                 64449                                    III
Machhlishahr                           266055                                  II
Maharajganj                             231084                                  II
Mainpuri                                 142833                                  III
Mathura                                  173572                                  III
Meerut                                     300655                                  II
Mirzapur                                  217457                                  II
Misrikh                                    325212                                  II
Mohanlalganj                          309858                                  II
Moradabad                             160945                                  III
Muzaffarnagar                         252241                                  II
Nagina                                    245685                                  III
Phulpur                                   163710                                  III
Pilibhit                                    196294                                  III
Pratapgarh                                207567                                  II
Rae Bareli                               63633                                    III
Rampur                                  81006                                    IV
Robertsganj                             187725                                  II
Saharanpur                             235033                                  III
Salempur                                 159871                                  II
Sambhal                                 252640                                  III
Sant Kabir Nagar                    250914                                  II
Shahjahanpur                          289603                                  II
Shrawasti                               194890                                  III
Sitapur                                    366519                                  II
Sultanpur                                231446                                  II
Unnao                                    200176                                  III
Varanasi                                 60579                                    IV

2nd Place in 35 Constituencies
3rd Place in 41 Constituencies
4th Place in 4 Constituencies