Agenda for the Second SRC should be public administration.

Congress senior leader Digvijay Singh and AICC official spokesperson Rashid Alwi 's statement on Second SRC (States Reorganization Commission) are mere to confuse the people. Congress previously well known for double tongue but know it has become a four headed party. Now congress has become a party of Brahma, which has four heads. Congress has no intention to take any decision on any important issue it started dragging all the issues. Important thing is Second SRC statement has come into existence by the Mayawathi's statement to divide the UP into four states. As stated by many it is not election stunt but it is definitely a part of strategy. Congress habituated to destroy small parties is now engaged in different plans to face BSP in UP. According to the latest surveys in UP Mayawathi would regain the power in UP and the stunts of Rahul gandhi have failed. This is not the first time that Mayawathi has asked to divide the state. Kanshi ram itself has specifically stated that UP has to be divided into three states but would demand only after BSP would achieve 50 MP's. Now the question is Second SRC on what basis and on what agenda. According to Dr B R Ambedkar states should be reorganized so as to make the public administration easier. In the First SRC (States Reorganization Commission) the agenda was the linguistic based states, now when the population on India is 121 cores therefore the agenda for the Second SRC should be public administration.